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Japanese Equip Polarity

Ion Pumping Cords- EP01(Pair of Cords)

Code: EP01

The Ion Pumping cords are a special device developed by Dr. Yoshio Manaka. They consist of a copper cord, one alligator clip on each side, and a special patented diode attached to one clip . This device allows the flow of electrons to move in one direction only, from the black to the red clip. The fact that the diode allows movement in one direction and not back makes the Ion Pumping cord a polarized treatment device. Similar to the magnetic treatments, it is important to determine the correct direction of the flow of energy. Being a polarized treatment modality the Ion Pumping cords are a powerful tool which has the ability to achieve strong therapeutic effects as well as causing unwanted side effects if not applied correctly. The ion pumping cords are mainly used for the treatment of the extra ordinary vessels according to Dr. Manaka, root treatments and according to Master Kawai infinity treatments. They can be used for other treatments such as Master Kawai’s Yin/Yang pairs and painful conditions including traumatic injuries, inflammations and burn injuries of the first and second degree.
Ion Pumping Cords- EP01(Pair of Cords)

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