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Japanese Equip Polarity Specialist Items

Electrostatic Adsorber EA320

Code: EA320

This device has its roots in Japanese Acupuncture (Dr Yoshio Manaka).
The device is constructed of high quality brass material, and the main body is insulated for maximum effect.
The probes are shaped in order to maximize the extraction of ions.
Tthe probes provide an excellent means of working with the bodies natural polarity.
Bby using an oppositely directed highly sensitive Schottky diode - one in each of the units- they are given a slight dual (positive and negative) polarity.

It is claimed that this has the effect of removing the static charge build-up in the body tissues.

These devices are individually hand assembled, fully tested and come with a high quality low resistance 2m flexible silicone cable terminated with spring loaded connectors.

Traditionally they are used in eight extra meridian therapy, and divergent channels (as taught by Dr Stephen Birch).

Electrostatic Adsorber EA320

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