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Ze Xie - Alisma - Rhizoma Alismatis [6606]

Code: 6606

Part Used: Stem 
Energy: Cold 
Taste: Sweet, bland 
Channel Entered: Kidney, Bladder 

> Promote urination 
> Drain dampness 
> Cleanse kidney deficiency fire 

Kidney yin deficiency heat, damp-heat dysuria, urinary disturbances, hematuria, nocturnal emission, night sweating, feverish sensation at night, edema, distention, vomiting, diarrhea, retention of phlegm, beriberi, stagnant water in the stomach, thirst, dizziness.

Package: 100g per bottle

Ze Xie - Alisma - Rhizoma Alismatis [6606]

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