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Yu Jin - Turmeric - Radix Curcumae [5103]

Code: 5103

Part Used: Tuberous root 
Energy: Neutral with warm and cool 
Taste: Bitter, pungent 
Channel Entered: Liver, Stomach, Heart, Lung 

> Cool blood 
> Break up stagnant blood 
> Control pain 
> Regulate the flow of qi 
> dissolve qi stagnation 

Blood stasis, liver qi stagnation, chest, rib, flank and abdominal pain, full chest and abdomen, liver and stomach pain, menorrhagia, irregular uterine bleeding, hematemesis, epistaxis, loss of appetite, epilepsy due to fright, loss of consciousness due to heatstroke, jaundice due to heat, irritability, anxiety, seizures, emotional disturbances.

Package: 100g per bottle

Yu Jin - Turmeric - Radix Curcumae [5103]

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