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Yi Mu Cao - Leonurus - Herba Leonuri [6041]

Code: 6041

Part Used: Tops 
Energy: Cold 
Taste: Pungent, bitter 
Channel Entered: Heart, Liver, Bladder 

> Smooth menses 
> Regulate menses 
> Invigorate blood circulation 
> Move blood 
> Reduce masses 
> Promote urination 
> Reduce swelling 
> Disperse phlegm 
> Disperse edema 

Menstrual disorders, delayed or absent menses, irregular menses, amenorrhea, dysmenorrha, endometriosis, infertility, PMS, lower abdominal pain, placenta leakage, dystocia, retained placenta, postpartum abdominal pain due to blood obstruction, postpartum pain and bleeding, hematuria, hypertension, nephritis, kidney stones, edema, dysuria, hematuria (blood in urine), lump in the breast, skin infections, skin eruptions.

Package: 100g per bottle 

Yi Mu Cao - Leonurus - Herba Leonuri [6041]

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