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Tian Ma (CITES) - Gastrodia - Gastrodia Elata [5413]

Code: 5413

Part Used: Rhizomatous corm
Energy: Neutral, slightly warm
Taste: Sweet
Channel Entered: Liver

> Dispel wind
Control convulsions
Control pain
Invigorate meridians

Internal liver wind, pain due to wind, wind-damp Bi painful obstruction, headache, dizziness, vertigo, convulsions, seizure, epilepsy, hemiplegia, chronic numbness, weakness of extremities, contracture of the limbs, sore and painful knees and waist, aphonia, arthralgia due to wind, cold and dampness, convulsions young children.

Package: 100g per bottle


Tian Ma (CITES) - Gastrodia - Gastrodia Elata [5413]

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