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Shi Gao - Gypsum - Gypsum Fibrosum [5522]

Code: 5522

Part Used: Mineral 
Energy: Extremely cold 
Taste: Sweet, pungent 
Channel Entered: Lung, Stomach 

> Clear heat 
> Purges fire 
> Subdue thirst 
> Ease irritability 
> Clear heat from Yang-Ming level and qi level 

High fever, loss of consciousness, delirium, mania, thirst, dry throat, cough with thick yellow sputum, asthma due to lung heat, heatstroke, spontaneous diaphoresis, profuse sweating, headache, toothache, intense heat, skin eruption, obstruction of evil heat caused by stomach fire, swollen gums.

Package: 100g per bottle

Shi Gao - Gypsum - Gypsum Fibrosum [5522]

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