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Sheng Ma - Cimicifuga - Rhizoma Cimicifugae [5411]

Code: 5411

Part Used: Rhizome 
Energy: Mild, cool 
Taste: Sweet, pungent 
Channel Entered: Large Intestines, Heart, Lung, Stomach 

> Resolve surface 
> Vent measles 
> Promote eruption 
> Remove heat toxin 
> Raise yang qi 

Headache due to exterior wind-heat, Chills and fever, Sore throat, painful Swollen gums, sore teeth, canker sores, ulcers, sores, early stage of measles, fatigue, shortness of breath, rectal prolapse due to chronic diarrhea, uterine prolapse.

Package: 100g per bottle

Sheng Ma - Cimicifuga - Rhizoma Cimicifugae [5411]

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