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Shan Zha - Hawthorn Fruits - Fructus Crataegi [5321]

Code: 5321

Part Used: Fruit 
Energy: Slight warm 
Taste: Sour, sweet 
Channel Entered: Spleen, Stomach, Liver 

> Promote food digestion 
> Resolve accumulation 
> Expel phlegm 
> Eliminate food stagnancy 

Dyspepsia, stagnancy of undigested food, stuffiness and fullness in the chest and abdomen, acid regurgitation, hernia, menorrhagia, persistence of lochia, indigestion in infants due to improper nursing.

Package: 100g per bottle

Shan Zha - Hawthorn Fruits - Fructus Crataegi [5321]

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