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Long Gu - Dragon Bone - Os Draconis [6704]

Code: 6704

Part Used: The fossilized skeleton of ancient vertebrates 
Energy: Neutral 
Taste: Sweet, astringent 
Channel Entered: Heart, Liver, Kidney 

> Tranquilize mind 
> Tranquilize and nourish spirit 
> Stabilize soul 
> Subdue liver yang rising 

Qi stagnation in heart and abdomen, irritability, hiccoughs, dysentery, pyemia, leukorrhea, spermatorrhea, hard mass in the abdomen, epilepsy due to fright and fever in children, fidgets and fullness in the heart and abdomen, atrophy of the limbs, abnormal daytime/nighttime sweating, night sweating due to fear.

Package: 100g per bottle

Long Gu - Dragon Bone - Os Draconis  [6704]

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