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Jing Jie - Schizonepeta - Herba Schizonepetae [6019]

Code: 6019

Part Used: Entire plant 
Energy: Warm 
Taste: Pungent, aromatic 
Channel Entered: Lung, Liver 

> Dispel wind 
> Resolve surface 
> Vent rash 
> Stop itching and bleeding 

Exterior wind-cold or wind-heat, fever due to common cold, headache, laryngitis, carbuncles, boils, tumor, the initial stage of measles, chills and fever, abnormal bleeding, postpartum syncope due to blood disorders, epistaxis, hematochezia.

Package: 100g per bottle

Jing Jie - Schizonepeta - Herba Schizonepetae [6019]

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