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Gu Sui Bu - Drynaria - Rhizoma Drynariae [6005]

Code: 6005

Part Used: Rhizome
Energy: Warm 
Taste: Bitter 
Channel Entered: Kidney, Heart 

> Tonify kidney and liver 
> Suppresse pain 
> Invigorate blood circulation 
> Strengthen bones and tendons 

Kidney deficiency, pain due to stagnated blood, pain in loins, knees, tendons, and bones; external and internal traumatic injuries, fractures, sprains, strains, broken bones, arthritis, degenerative joint, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, chronic diarrhea, premature graying hair, hair loss, tinnitus; toothache.

Package: 100g per bottle

Gu Sui Bu - Drynaria - Rhizoma Drynariae [6005]

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