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E Jiao - Gelatin - Gelatinum Corii Asini [5808]

Code: 5808

Part Used: The dried gelatin obtained from the processed skin of donkey
Energy: Neutral
Taste: Sweet, neutral
Channel Entered: Lung, Liver, Kidney

> Nourish blood 
> Stop abnormal bleeding 
> Nourish yin 
> Moisten dryness

Deficiency of blood, dry cough due to deficient yin, dizziness, pale face, palpitation, irritability, insomnia, lung abscess, cough due to deficiency and fatigue, hemoptysis, epistaxis, hematochezia (bloody stool), any type of functional bleeding, irregular menses, fetal restlessness.

Package: 100g per bottle

E Jiao - Gelatin - Gelatinum Corii Asini [5808]

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