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Herbal Medicine Regal Single Herbs Regal

Bai Zi Ren - Platycladus (Biota) - Semen Platycladi [5921]

Code: 5921

Part Used: Root 
Energy: Neutral 
Taste: Sweet 
Channel Entered: Heart, Liver, Kidney, Large Intestine 

> Tranquilize the heart 
> Calm the spirit 
> Moisten intestines 
> Promote bowel movement 
> Control diaphoresis 

Rapid heart palpitation, insomnia, involuntary emission, excessive sweating, irritability, forgetfulness, memory loss, dry stool, constipation. 

Package: 100g per bottle

Bai Zi Ren - Platycladus (Biota) - Semen Platycladi [5921]

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