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Herbal Medicine Regal Single Herbs Regal

Bai Jie Zi - Sinapsis - Semen Sinapsis - [5511]

Code: 5511

Part Used: Seed 
Energy: Warm 
Taste: Pungent 
Channel Entered: Lung 

> Promote the flow of qi 
> Expel phlegm, warms lung 
> Disperse swelling, control pain 
> Warm the stomach and spleen 
> Expel cold 

Pain due to swelling in the chest and ribs, cough with clear or white phlegm, regurgitation, vomiting ulcerous swelling, rheumatic pain.

Package: 100g per bottle

Bai Jie Zi - Sinapsis - Semen Sinapsis - [5511]

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