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Bai Jiang Cao - Thlaspi - Herba Patriniae - [6109]

Code: 6109

Part Used: Entire plant 
Energy: Slight cold 
Taste: Bitter, pungent 
Channel Entered: Stomach, Large intestine, Liver 

> Remove heat toxins 
> Eliminate furuncles 
> Drain pus 
> Invigorate blood circulation 
> Remove phlegm 
> Stop pain 

Intestinal abscesses, lung abscess, carbuncle, sores, swellings, erysipelas, hyperemia; pinkish, milky leukorrhea, stagnant blood, abdominal pain, postpartum pain, appendicitis, pus in stool, general infections with pus, edema, swelling lesions.

Package: 100g per bottle

Bai Jiang Cao - Thlaspi - Herba Patriniae - [6109]

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