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Pyonex Press Needles (PTSP)

Code: PTSP

Pyonex needles have a patented needle head, the same used in Seirins J-type needle.
The trademarked pine tree leaf needle tip ensures effortless, pain-free insertion.
The blister packaging enables easy, quick and aseptic delivery.
The adhesive tape is made from Micropore, which allows the skin beneath it to breathe.
It adheres effectively and comfortably to the treatment area, ensuring safe treatment.

ORANGE: .20 x 0.3mm
YELLOW: .20 x 0.6mm
GREEN: .20 x 0.9mm
BLUE: .20 x 1.2mm
PINK: .20 x 1.5mm 

Pyonex Press Needles (PTSP)
Gauge (mm) Length (mm)
0.3 0.6 0.9 1.2 1.5
blue 0.20