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Extra Pure Wakakusa Grade Moxa Punk 100g (MX20B)

Code: MX20B

100g bag.

The best Japan has to offer at a great price. There are cheaper Korean, Chinese and Japanese varieties but the quality of this product is second to none.

This light yellow coloured moxa known as 'sweetgrass' is low in impurities, has excellent consistency and adhesiveness for easy shaping into cones or balls. Used for Chinetsukyu (cone) semi-direct, or Kyutoshin (needle-head moxa), indirect moxa.  It has a pleasant smell and burns at the correct temperature and speed for the best results. If you practice Japanese style Chinetsukyu moxibustion then this is the moxa you should be using.

Extra Pure Wakakusa Grade Moxa Punk 100g (MX20B)

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