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  • Therapacks are light, comfortable to wear and available in a range of designs and colours. The designs were developed through extensive research considering practical experience of medical professionals. The packs are desgined for various parts of the body and allow mobility while temperature does its therapeutic work.

    Therapacks are made from a durable 100% cotton fabric and are filled with a natural grain, lupin seeds.

    Advantages of Lupin grains in hot & cold packs: Lupin is a natural grain which can be used to make flour; a variety of healthy dishes as well as biscuits and cakes. Australia is the largest grower of lupin grain. Lupin grains are lighter than wheat and retain heat/cold longer. Unlike wheat, lupin grains are not prone to weevil infestation and are odourless.

    Hand Washable: Therapacks are suitable for hand washing with warm soapy water then gently rinsed. Packs should be dried immediately after hand wash. They can be drip dried or placed in oven as per oven heating instructions.

    Design: Therapacks products have been designed to cover and mould various part of the body for maximum therapeutical treatment. Their unique design allows for equal distribution of seeds, hence heat/cold, across the pack. Velcro attachments on our range for the knee, neck, elbow & ankle and writ packs enables the heat packs to be worn hands-free allowing for mobility.

    The therapeutic benefits of cold and heat packs: Cold helps to ease pain by slowing the chemical reactions that send pain impulses to the brain. Cold helps to decrease swelling and haemorrhaging by constricting the blood vessels which limit the blood flow to the injured area. Heat helps to ease muscular tension and cramps by increasing the blood flow to the injured areas. The flow of blood will bring oxygen and nutrients to facilitate the healing process.

    How to apply therapacks?

    As a cold pack, use for sprains, swelling and minor burn injuries. 1) Immediately place the cold pack over the affected area for approximately 20 minutes. 2) Repeat the application every half hour as required or until the pain has eased and the swelling has abated.

    As a hot pack, use for lower pack pain, stomach ache, headache, migraine, labour pain and stomach, period and breast-feeding cramps. 1) Simply apply on the painful area. 2) Leave for approximately 20 minutes. 3) Repeat the application as Required.

    When not to use a hot pack?

    Hot packs should not be used for acute inflammation, deep vein thrombosis, peripheral vascular disease, open wounds, skin sensation impairments.