Learn and Practice Acupuncture Differently Clarity – Rationality – Precision in each step Seminars to be offered in 2017: (book early, seats are limited!) Melbourne Core Foundations Track – The Essentials for treating all internal and external disorders.

Days 1+2: Chronic or acute musculoskeletal disordersDays 3+4: Functional disorders (prerequisites: Days 1+2)

Theory: Less memorization – More logical thinking Practice: Get clinical results immediately Open to practitioners of all levels of training and experience.

Dates: July 31st to August 3rd

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Class accredited by AACMA, NZASA and NZRA. Active members: 5% discount on the full seminar registration. Sydney

Advanced Track – Take your practice to the next level Further refine treatments to the particular needs of each patient. Learn the subtle techniques used by the most experienced Balance Method disciples and gain even greater efficiency to save time and energy.

Reserved exclusively for experienced Balance Method practitioners . To be presented in New Zealand

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From diagnostics to treatment, the Balance Method: - A rational and methodical process in three simple steps: less memorization, more logic - A clear and certain approach: proven effectiveness in just seconds - Precise needling: removed from painful areas with fewer points Four days of training with Si Yuan: - Theory & Practice: demonstrations, case studies, guided practice in class so that students see immediate results for themselves - Authenticity: instructors who are faithful to the teachings of their Master and practice his method exclusively on dozens of patients daily - Generosity: no withholding of information, any and all patients are welcome Contact: Email: Practical Information, Detailed Program, Registrations and Videos



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