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Kinesiology Tape and Accessories

  • Olympia™ Kinesiology Tape is used to aid muscle or joint healing as well as give support and stability without restrictions to movement or circulation. Best for injured muscles or joints, swelling and pain relief, all while staying active! It is water-resistant, breathable and as flexible as human skin, making it capable of stsaying on up to several days. When applied correctly, the taped area forms creases expanding the space between skin and muscles to release pressure and improve fluid circulation.

    Please call Helio to request a free sample: 1800 026 161

    Olympia™ Kinesiology Tape Key Features

              High Quality Adhesive Layer:

                        - Top grade acrylic adhesive. - consistent performance and latex free.

                        - Strong and consistent bonding to tape fabric. - leaves no residue on the skin.

                        - Patented wave adhesive pattern for enhanced breathing effect.

                        - May be left on for up to three days.

                        - Meeting ISO standards on cytotoxicity, sensitization, skin irritation, and Hemolysis.

              High Grade Tape Fabric:

                        - Made of pure #20 rayon fiber.

                        - Superb water and sweat resistant characteristics. - Adhesive may withstand typical shower.

                        - Highly breathable.

                        - Optimized elasticity compatible with skin flexibility.

                        - 100% retractibility after streching ensuring muscle recovery.

              Scaled Liner

                        - 1cm printed grids on taped liner for easy cutting.