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  • When only the best Chinese style needles will do!

    Vinco is a needle family with seven package presentations and many user-friendly features that surpass other Chinese style needles on the market. The Vinco needles offer superb needle quality incorporating new “Low Insertion Force Technology” (LIFT) as well as the FingerSaver and SkinSaver features unique to the Helio range.


    Key Features:

    * LIFTed needle body that offers maximum patient comfort

    * Vacuum-melt, high-tensile stainless steel needle body

    * Light-weight, aluminum alloy spring handle

    * Innovative and patented packaging for quick needle access

    * SkinSaver guide tube reduces scratching of the patient's skin

    * FingerSaver packet has rounded edges to eliminate pricks to your fingers

    * Consistently sharp needle tip profile

    * Smaller guide tube for precise insertion

    * Color-coded box and packet for easier size identification