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AcuGlide Pro

  • Innovatively Engineered Fine needle with Extraordinary Features...

    Key Features:

    U.S. made vacuum-melt surgical stainless steel body. 
    LIFTed™ needle surface for maximum patient comfort and easy insertion. 
    BioSafe™ - Class VI compatibility meeting ISO-10993 requirements as substantiated by third party GLP laboratory.
    Non-tarnishing aluminum pipe handle, as light as plastic handles.
    Consistently sharp needle tip profile.
    Painless SkinSaver™ guide tube for patient comfort.
    Prick-free FingerSaver™ packet.
    Smallest guide tube for improved insertion precision.
    EZY-Accessible box® design.
    Available in EZY-Pack for busy practitioners.
    ZiPack™ - No tabs to mess with, no glue spot to fight with, just aim and insert!
    Colour-coded box and packet for size identification


    When painless insertion is a must for extremely sensitive patients.
    Thin needles for children.
    Thin needle for facial treatment.
    When patients demand the best.