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Moxa | Heat Therapy Stick-on Moxa

Kakkei Ginger Stick on Moxa (JMSHG)


Kakkei Ginger Stick on Moxa

70 pieces

From Japan

Hakkei Ginger ‐

Moves up and out,

dissipates pathogens,

disperses stagnation of Qi,

harmonizes Defensive Wei Qi,

eliminates cold.

Resolves the exterior freeing the flow of Qi in the channels.

Treats cold, deficiency,

vomiting, epigastric disorders, abdominal pains, diarrhoea,

impotence and infertility, menstrual cramps,

facial paralysis, numbness, as well as cold, damp and wind conditions.

Kakkei Ginger Stick on Moxa (JMSHG)

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