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Red Peony

  • Red Peony

  • These herbal products are practitioner only items and should only be taken under the guidance of a qualified healthcare practitioner.

    Sugar Free & High Potency Herbal Granules for Kids

    •  high potency herbal granules for kids
    • All natural – Chinese herbal medicine
    • No preservatives or artificial colouring
    • Sugar free – sweetened with Stevia
    • High strength 5:1 water soluble granules
    • Suitable for children aged 2-12
    • Child proof caps
    • Easy measuring spoon enclosed
    • Practitioner dispensing only

    The Red Peony® range is empirically based, having been developed in consultation with some of the most renowned pediatricians in China. Each formulation makes use of specific ingredients, herbal combinations and ratios that have proven to be consistently effective over several decades of clinical experience. They have been carefully designed taking into account the unique features of a child’s immature physiology as well as the distinctive manifestations of pathological processes within the child’s body-mind.

Product Name Price Qty
Kids Cold Relief - Xiao Er Gan Mao Chong Ji (RP401)
Kids Well Being - Xiao Er Qi Xing Cha (Jia Wei) Chong Ji (RP405)