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Point Detector and Stimulator (EA2)

Code: EA2

Developed and designed by Helio. This tri-function unit provides the capability of sensitive point detection and electro-acupuncture with accessories that come with the unit. When fitted with TENS accessories, it will provide the function of TENS.

EA2 has a unique three-stage audio indication for point detection: SILENT when the probe is far away from the points, INTERMITTENT sound when the probe is close to a point and CONTINUOUS sound when the probe is on the point.

Unit includes point locator probe (for point location), ground pole, output leads with banana plugs, 2 miniature alligator clips (for electro acupuncture), carrying case included. Comprehensive operating manual is also included. Made in China. 12 months warranty.


Output Channels: Two channels designated as channels A & B.
Output Frequency In Various Modes
Continuous Mode: 1 - 100 Hz, continuously adjustable.
Dense Disperse Mode: Stimulation frequency cycles between 100% and 205 of the selected frequency every eight seconds.

Point Detector and Stimulator (EA2)

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