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Vinco Detox Needles (ND)

Code: Vinco Detox Needles

1000 needles per box

*  Most efficient package for detox protocols with FingerSaver

*  Metal pipe handles.

*  10 needles per pack with dual five-needle access tailored for
   detox protocols.

*  All needles are separately positioned - sure grip of one needle
   at a time and no fumbling with a bundle of needles.

*  Extremely fast needle access for maximum operation

*  High packing density for minimal waste per needle.

*  Conserves storage space and convenient to carry for field

*  Cost effective for detox clinics.

*  Great for use in the National Acupuncture Detoxification
   Association (NADA) Protocol.

Vinco Detox Needles (ND)

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