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  • Introducing a Technological Breakthrough - When Maximum Comfort is a Priority!


    AcuGlide is our premium Japanese style acupuncture needle which is extremely smooth and therefore ideal for sensitive areas and needle phobic patients. The smoothness of the needle shaft of the AcuGlide is further enhanced by the coating of Parylene (highly Biocompatible). It has a surgical stainless steel needle body combined with a light weight aluminium alloy handle offering the light-weight advantage without the disadvantage of electrically non-conductiveness of plastic handled needles. It is also ideal to be used with the application of moxa.

    The AcuGlide incorporates the new “Low Insertion Force Technology” (LIFT) as well as the FingerSaver and SkinSaver features unique to our range of acupuncture needles. The AcuGlide tube has the smallest diameter and has no glue spot or tab holding the needle in the tube, when you remove the needle and tube from the plastic blister pack you just simply aim and insert without hassle or fuss.